The OMrun.exe.config file contains some configuration data like

  • internal configuration data which should not be changed by user.

  • the only part which could be changed is the part to configure the behavior of the license validation. If the user starts more OMrun instances in parallel then runtime licenses are available, OMrun will wait a defined [Wait time] and will then check again if a Runtime License is available to perform the designed checks:

 <!-- WaitTime in seconds for re-check parallel running instances. Default 30 s -->
 <add key="WaitTime" value="30" />
 <!-- TimeoutAfter: Max. WaitTime in minutes until application timeout because of too many parallel running instances -->
 <add key="TimeoutAfter" value="60" />
 <add key="ClientSettingsProvider.ServiceUri" value="" />
  • Change the "WaitTime" and/or "TimeoutAfter" parameter only!

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