Plug-in to archive older result files to reduce consumption of diskspace. This plug-in was introduced with OMrun release


Execution parameters to invoke archiving or deletion:

Field Program Call (Select Housekeeping to bind the proper program call]

  • Organizes the parameter handling and ensures the expired result files (*.tor) are deleted or archived.

Field @param1 (Business system path) [mandatory]

  • Description: Source location of actual business system path, including business system name.

  • Syntax: <full path>\<business system name (without ending backslash)

  • Example: C:\Temp\TestScripts\Demo

Field @param2 (Archive path) [optional]

  • Description: Target location of files to archive. If the archive location is not defined, the expired result files are deleted permanently. If an archive location is defined, all expired result files are moved automatically to the archive folder (the archive keeps the result sub structure and creates folder if does not yet exists).

  • Syntax: <full path> (without ending backslash)

  • Example: C:\Temp\Archive

Field @param3 (Expire days) [optional]

  • Description: Number of days (back from now) when a resultfile is out of date range to get archived. If none is defined, the default value of 180 days is set.

  • Syntax: <days> (integer)

  • Example: 365

  • Possible values: 0 - 4'294'967'295

Field @param4 (Archive type) [optional]

  • Description: There are two different archive types available:

    • KeepNone [Default]

    • KeepLastInMonth

  • Syntax: <archive type>

  • Example: KeepLastInMonth

  • Possible values:

    • <KeepNone> or <empty> (= archives / delete all results older than defined expire days in @param3). Keeps all results within the active business system which are in range.

    • <KeepLastInMonth> (= archives / deletes all results older than defined expire days in @param3. Exception: It keeps the last result of a month of every result type even if it is out of range in the active business system.)


The out of range test results (*.tor) are deleted or moved to the defined archive folder.

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