Terms and Definitions



Contains the release and copyright information of OMrun.


System call to execute a OMrun runtime instance, which publishs results to the [OMdashboard] and exports the [List of Differences] to Excel.


Shows the icons of the selected and active elements for execution in a "breadcrumb".

Business rule

Represents the relation mapping between source A and B specified in rules with SQL commands.

Business system

Describes the complete system landscape of all environment definitions and valid test elements.


Container to group [Test object] that are of a similar behaviour. Containers are visible on OMdashboard.


Contains the data and program adapters as well as the publishing definitions for the scenarios represented on OMdashboard.

Data adapter

Describes the database connect string using a specific data adapters within the OMrun configuration to connect to almost every commercial data container.

Global environment

Contains the environment definitions which are valid for all environments defined within the same [Business System].


Contains the license key and the end date till when will run OMrun as a Full-Version or a RunTime-Version or both.

List of differences

Excel result list containing the differences from source A and B created by a [Batch] run.

Local environment

Contains the environment definitions for a specific environment, like "environment name", "server name", "date base name" etc.


Web management dashboard to present an overview of the last test results aggregated to a wider audience as ample lists and pie chart diagram as well as historised result performance.


Variables defined within a [Parameter list] are possible to use within [Queries] or [Business rules].

Parameter list

Container for a list of [Parameters] defined specifically for a [Test object].


To set condition after comparing data and generating results (e.g. cleansing old data, archive last results, etc.).


To set the condition needed before running a proper data compare (e.g. reset test data record within the database, execute a calculation, etc.).

Program adapter

Describes the program connect string within the OMrun configuration to connect to several standard test tool products, programs or [Batches].

Progress bar

Shows the progress and the current task of a test run executing a [Scenario], [Parameter list] or [Test object] as progress bar.


SQL statement to gather data from a specified source (A or B).

Result export

Export of the [Results] as an Excel sheet.

Result history

Mechanism to reload [Results] from previous test runs.


Statistical reports or [Lists of differences] generated by [Scenario], [Parameter list] or [Test object] execution.


Workflow-Engine (step-by-step) scenario execution, executes all [Test object] entries with the specified [Parameter list].

Test data object

Test data object is the essential element of a data compare. It contains the [Queries] for source A and B, the [Business Rules] to represent the relation between the data to compare and the parameter list to feed the [Queries] with different values in [Variables].

Test object

Test object is the parent term that describes [Test data objects] and [Test program objects].

Test program object

Test program object is the essential element of a [Scenario] execution. It enables the system to add [Pre-Condition] or [Post-Condition] for highly automated [Scenario] runs.


Representation of the whole content of the [Business system] as a tree structure.

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