Parameter variables are used to pass up to four parameters into a query used by Design Test Object.

If using the @param concept within a "WHERE" clauses it is possible to use the same query with different parameters listed in several rows to split information of a big data table into smaller pieces of information.

The values "1,2,3,4,5" within the red frame will replace the variable @param1 within the query A at execution time.

The values "1,2,3,4,5" within the yellow frame will replace the variable @param2 within the query B at execution time.

In this example @param3 / @param4 are "not used". It is not necessary to define and use all or any parameters. The @param variables are placeholders within a query and are replaced by the relevant value during run time.

The behavior is the same for all 4 parameters. The remark field is important to fill out with a unique comment for each row in a parameter list because it is published to the OMdashboard.

It is possible to nest any @param into another @param and use it within query A and/or B. As an additional benefit a environment variable can also be used within the parameter list in combination with a hardcoded parameter value e.g. XX-@VAR_Test_Env.

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