TOB Generator


Plug-in to generate test data objects containing 1:1 compare sql scripts from database schemas by OMrun and generate tob objects to compare the content of all existing tables within a source and a target database. This plug-in is often used in combination with TscGenerator and RtlGenerator.


Execution parameters to invoke a generation:

Field @param1 (Infrastructure info) [mandatory]

  • Description: TestScripts BusinessSystem and Component, separated by semicolon

  • Syntax: <full path> (without ending backslash);<business system name>;<componant name>

  • Example: D:\omrun_demo\DCC-Event\TestScripts;Comparison;DataCompare

Field @param2 (Schema and table names) [mandatory]

  • Description: Collected schema.table (source) and schema.table (destination) prepared by RtlGenerator, separated by semicolon

  • Syntax: <schema name>.\table name> (source database);<schema name>.\table name> (target database)

  • Example: demo_source.categories;demo_target.categories

Field @param3 (Table selection query without schema name) [mandatory]

  • Description: Generated query prepared by RtlGenerator

  • Syntax: <Query> (without schema name)

  • Example: <SELECT category_id AS category_id, category_name AS category_name, description AS description, picture AS picture FROM categories>

Field @param4 (Primary keys from database) [mandatory]

  • Description: Collected primary keys prepared by RtlGenerator, separated by semicolon

  • Syntax: <Id1>;<Id2> etc.

  • Example: <category_id>;<other_id>


Generated 1:1 data compare test objects contained within a predefined test component, based on the generated parameter list of a schema table query from source and target databases.

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