TSC Generator


Plug-in to generate test scenarios from all test objects within a component of a business system executed by OMrun and to fill a scenario with data depending on all existing test objects.


Execution parameters to invoke a generation:

Field @param1 (Business System) [mandatory]

  • Description: Business system name where to collect all test objects and to store the generated scenario (for param2).

  • Syntax: <business system name>

  • Example: Comparison

Field @param2 (Test Scenario) [mandatory]

  • Description: Name of the test scenario generated where the collected test objects should be stored.

  • Syntax: <test scenario name>

  • Example: DQ_Check

Field @param3 (Component) [mandatory]

  • Description: Component name where to collect the test objects for the test scenario.

  • Syntax: <component name>

  • Example: DataCompare

Field @param4 (Parameter List) [mandatory]

  • Description: Name of the parameter list of the collected test objects to store on test scenario.

  • Syntax: <parameter list name>

  • Example: Extensive


Generated test scenario of the defined and collected test objects.

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