Plug-in to run batch file scripts within OMrun. Based on a batch script (.bat) executed with parameters defined within OMrun.

There are two different batch plug-ins implemented in OMrun:

  • Batch This plug-in does transfer every parameter (1-4) terminated by double quotes to the batch script.

  • Batch Native This plug-in does transfer the parameters exactly as they are listed (Native) to the batch script.


Execution parameters to invoke a conversion:

Field Application (Input directory and batch script name (.bat) as a hard coded value or as a variable from the local / global environment definition)

  • Description: Customized batch jobs able to work with input parameters from OMrun.

  • Syntax: <\*.bat>

  • Example: C:/Temp/WaitBatch.bat

  • Possible values:

    • <variable name> (from environment)

    • <hardcoded path / file name>

Field @param1 - @param4 (parameters)

  • Description: Any type of parameter depending on the expected input value for the batch script.

  • Syntax: <param1> <param2> <param3> <param4>

  • Examples

    • Batch: "Path" "First Name" Second Name" "Address" [4 parameters]

    • Batch Native: Path First Name Second Name Address [6 parameters]


The output depends on the functionality of the batch job.

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