Test Data Object


Test Object Data Type = Data comparison of two data sources (Data Source A and Data Source B). Data Source A represents the source system (reference system), Data Source B the destination system (system under test).

OMrun Test Data Objects allow to maintain and execute test data objects. An empty default parameter list "Extensive" will be created automatically when adding a new test data object. Only the selected list item defined in the test data object is called for execution using the indicated parameters.


A new empty test object is created within the same component. After enter a new name you can begin to select the data bases, enter the Queries and generate the Business Rules.

Copy, Rename, Delete

Drag & Drop

On Navigation Tree you can move or copy a test object from one container (Component) to another by simply drag & drop the element.


"left mouse button down" and drag object

Move Test Object to another Component (stop over component name)

"left mouse button down" + Ctrl and drag object

Copy Test Object to another Component (stop over component name)

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