XML Converter XL


Plug-in to convert XML files into flat files within OMrun.


Execution parameters to invoke a conversion:

Field @param1 (Input file) [mandatory]

  • Description: Source location incl. file name + extension

  • Syntax: <full path>\<file name>.xml

  • Example: @TestCases\OMrun\Mapping_Business_Rules\Rename_Result_Before_Convert\Results_Renamed_Amber.xml

  • Possible values:

    • <file name>.xml (a valid entry superseds any value of field Application)

    • * [or] <empty> (wildcard or no entry demands a valid entry of field Application)

Field @param2 (Output path) [mandatory]

  • Description: Target location of converted files

  • Syntax: <full path> (without ending backslash)

  • Example: @TestCases\OMrun\Mapping_Business_Rules\Convert_Result_Before_Verify

Field @param3 (Output file) [optional]

  • Description: Target file name + extension

  • Syntax: <file name>.<extension> (without backslash at beginning)

  • Example: Result_Ready2Verify_Amber.csv

  • Possible values:

    • <file name>.csv

    • csv (taking input file name and converting into csv)

    • * [or] <empty> (default = File name from @param1 and converted into csv)

Field @param4 (Header definition file) [optional]

  • Description: File (csv) with all headers generated from XML file

  • Syntax: <file name.csv>

  • Example: Filename_HeaderDefinition.csv

  • Possible values:

    • <header definition file name.csv> (= File will be converted with this header definition file)

    • * [or] <empty> (=No value converts each file with its own header file generated)


The converted file contains 2 additional attributes in front of all other attributes:

  • FileName_0 (original file name of XML input file without extension)

  • Id_1 (record id of XML input file)

Output format of the CSV file will be ANSI by default. Different formats could be set in config file (admin rights needed):

C:\Program Files\OMIS\OMrun\BuiltInTests\OMrunPlugIn_XmlConverter.exe.config

Encoding CSV Output Format It is possible to define the encoding for the csv file:

  • UTF8 [with BOM]

  • UTF8 without BOM (Default)

  • ANSI

  • UTF7

  • UTF32


  • BigEndianUnicode

  • Unicode

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