🔑License Key Activation

Open License Dialog

The dialog for OMrun license can be called from menu "License".

Enter License Key

OMrun requires a license key. The license key must be entered at the first start of OMrun. The license dialog appears automatically if no license key has been installed yet.

  1. Press on button Activate your license

  1. Read & confirm terms & conditions

  2. You can activate your License online or offline. If your system does not have access to the internet, choose Offline activation. Otherwise choose Online activation.

Online activation

  1. Enter your License Key

  2. Click on button Activate

Offline activation

  1. Enter your activation key

  2. Press on button Scan QR Code

  1. A pop-up window will open with a QR-Code. Scan it with your mobile phone.

  2. A link with a computerkey will open on your phone.

  1. Enter the new computerkey from your phone into the corresponding field inside the Licensing window on your computer.

  2. Press button Activate

Verification & License Key Information

  1. After you activated your license, a message at the bottom on the window will confirm your successful activation and display when your license will expire.

  2. You can view more details about your license and what features are enabled on your license by clicking on the checkmark icon.

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