📄Version 4.1


  • Improved tree navigation (double-click / drag & drop)

  • Improved query parser for all data base types

  • Preview for parsed queries

  • Performance optimization of test result file load

  • Modify structure with Publisher.cfg file and manage settings on configuration menu

Detailed Notes


[OMRUN-355] - Optimize Query Parser


[OMRUN-300] - XML Converter Default Settings UTF8 without BOM [OMRUN-324] - Modify process of loading results [OMRUN-338] - Highlight SQL syntax in Query field [OMRUN-340] - OMdashboard Publishing Test Results with Update Mode [OMRUN-397] - Double Click on Test Scenario Parameter List Field [OMRUN-401] - Double Click on ParameterList Id Field [OMRUN-409] - Moving test object does not rename object entry in scenario [OMRUN-434] - Parameter list name not visible in program object


[OMRUN-16] - Comma in Oracle Query fails [OMRUN-30] - Result Mapping Date Entries wrong [OMRUN-66] - Icon Missed on Start Menu with 32-bit Version [OMRUN-185] - Spaces in Excel Report are lost [OMRUN-186] - Dropdown List during Scrolling not visible [OMRUN-217] - Environment Flatfile Server / DB behaviour not correct [OMRUN-219] - Parser Error with Complex Query [OMRUN-221] - Business Rule Generator on SELECT XX without CRLF fails [OMRUN-222] - Business Rule Generator with Combined Alias / Non-Alias Query fails [OMRUN-238] - Query Content Mixed-Up After Closing OMrun [OMRUN-257] - Empty RTL name if opening TOB without existing RTL [OMRUN-262] - Sort Order of field Data Source X [OMRUN-271] - Parse WITH Command in Query Only [OMRUN-274] - Recent used Business System empty with new OMrun release [OMRUN-276] - Query does allow Capital Letters on Keywords only [OMRUN-281] - Password not visible in ENV [OMRUN-295] - Query body may not be affected by the parser [OMRUN-304] - Result shows no header when empty [OMRUN-312] - Batch native demands "" on all parameters [OMRUN-313] - Alias named '*A_*' causes DB error msg [OMRUN-316] - Focus on a scenarino when it is opened appears on result history grid [OMRUN-321] - Rest of scenario skipped when object fails fatal [OMRUN-330] - Nested variable replacement order new [OMRUN-359] - System Env Var is String Empty if Not Exists [OMRUN-361] - Refresh tree takes a hugh time [OMRUN-362] - XML-Converter reports status failed if it cannot close Excel process [OMRUN-367] - Generate Business Mapping with Parantheses in Text Fails [OMRUN-368] - Double Click on Tree Object [OMRUN-373] - Result shows invalid column headers when alias is modified [OMRUN-375] - Data source B not saved [OMRUN-376] - Folder "RunTimeList" gets created on a wrong level [OMRUN-377] - 1. Attribute not allowed to inactivate [OMRUN-379] - Reporting.exe does not appear after few reports [OMRUN-381] - Test Result Switch to All if already loaded [OMRUN-382] - Edit modus in query terminated when hovering over tree [OMRUN-384] - Business mapping takes not enough column space [OMRUN-389] - Selecting a Business System without Access Rights Blocks OMrun to Restart Ever [OMRUN-393] - Renaming TOB Creates Error Log Entry [OMRUN-394] - Last Open Tree Element Delete Does Not Reload and Update Tree Structure [OMRUN-396] - Test Scenario Parameter List Field is Editable [OMRUN-402] - Query Generator Fails With Select Distinct And Attributes Without Alias [OMRUN-413] - RTL-Gen generates empty (NULL) list different [OMRUN-424] - Move test object renames all components of a scenario [OMRUN-428] - Test objects modifiable and selectable during execution [OMRUN-429] - Object: copy, move, rename = not renamed [OMRUN-431] - Switch to object causes error msg "There is no row at position 0" [OMRUN-433] - Object allowed to delete although used in scenario


[OMRUN-298] - Drag and Drop Tree Element Test Object [OMRUN-339] - OMdashboard Selective Publishing [OMRUN-358] - Show Command String Sent To DB


[OMRUN-211] - Improve UI Usability


  • Additional functionallity of tree navigation (like search, refresh, copy and move)

  • Oracle upgraded to client 12

Detailed Notes


[OMRUN-104] - Standardized Parameters in Built-In Tests XML / CSV [OMRUN-155] - Separate Parameters for Source A/B [OMRUN-203] - Implement Row Range Slider on Test Results [OMRUN-237] - Export CSV Report [OMRUN-250] - Password not Visible [OMRUN-283] - Search box in tree [OMRUN-302] - Excel Report writes special chars into XML structure


[OMRUN-65] - Parameter List Sort Order mixing up Test Results [OMRUN-223] - Environment Passwort Encription [OMRUN-238] - Query Content Mixed-Up After Closing OMrun [OMRUN-239] - Refresh of Test Objects in Scenario not Working [OMRUN-242] - OM Var Mixed Up if Subset from Another [OMRUN-261] - Licence key with 0 RTL does default to 1 RTL [OMRUN-269] - After Closing All Tabs Show Active Environment in Tree [OMRUN-270] - Parameter List Name in Tree Reduced to Last Segment After Underscore [OMRUN-272] - XML Converter Does not Work in Scheduler Windows Server 2016 [OMRUN-279] - Update Oracle 12 client-DLL [OMRUN-280] - Publish path as a variable in ENV [OMRUN-281] - Password not visible in ENV, in addition password is masked with [******] on log files if test is running in debug mode [OMRUN-285] - Oracle GROUP BY in upper case NOK [OMRUN-287] - OMrun help page in browser is a modal win [OMRUN-299] - Performance Issue with UpdateTestScenarioPublisher [OMRUN-313] - Alias named '*A_*' causes DB error msg [OMRUN-332] - BuiltIn entry missing on configuration settings [OMRUN-333] - Export result does not open Excel file automatically [OMRUN-334] - Results are lost when moving object to another component [OMRUN-337] - With Clause not Working Properly

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